Terms of Service

By hiring our services, you agree to the terms expressed in our terms of service.

The Client knows, understands and freely accepts, after being informed of the characteristics of each service, this contract. The Client will be, in any case, the recipient of the service provided by Dongee.com, either for their own use or for resale if the service allows it. This contract aims to regulate the conditions under which the client accesses the hosting services/plans developed by Dongee.com, as well as to establish the conditions and form of remuneration from the client to Dongee.com. Other services, applications or options may be offered by Dongee.com to the client through other contracts or in commercial communications, as well as through the provisions on the Dongee.com website. Both parties, Dongee.com and the Client, are interested in formalizing this contract by accepting the terms and conditions established in the following clauses:

1. Services affected by this contract:

1.1 The conditions set forth in this contract shall apply to the following hosting services/plans: a) Domain Registration. b) Hosting Plans. c) Reseller Plans (Resellers) d) Dedicated Servers. and any other service offered on the Dongee.com URL.

1.2 The pricing information and the information regarding the resources, applications and features of the hosting services/plans that is displayed online on the Dongee.com website shall prevail over what is set forth in this contract.

1.3 The technical characteristics of each of these services/plans as well as the price to be paid for them are, at all times, clearly determined on the Dongee.com website and its different sub-pages. The resources and applications available for each hosting service/plan will be those that are published on the Dongee.com website at any given time.

1.4 Any changes made to each service shall be notified to the client at least 15 days prior to their occurrence. In any case, any changes that affect the hosting services/plans or that affect the provisions of this contract shall be considered notified upon the publication of such changes on the Dongee.com website with the URL: Dongee.com.

1.5 The operation of each hosting service/plan necessarily requires ownership of a generic top-level domain name (gTLD) or a territorial ccTLD. The registration of domain names can be done through Dongee.com or through any other provider.

1.6 The client is solely responsible for monitoring that the resources of their package, plan, domain or server are correctly assigned. Dongee.com is not responsible for errors or omissions made by the platform or support staff and will not issue refunds or credits. The client must notify the email support@dongee.com when any inconsistencies arise.

2. Price of services/plans, payment methods and billing

2.1 By contracting the hosting service/plan that gives rise to this agreement, the customer must pay in advance to Dongee.com the corresponding price for each hosting service/plan specified on Dongee.com. In any case, the customer, who is listed as such in the record, is responsible for the payment of invoices even if a third party intervenes on behalf of the customer, so the responsibility for providing authentication data to a third party is solely and exclusively that of the customer.

2.2 The amounts mentioned on Dongee.com are subject to taxes as applicable based on the place of payment.

2.3 Dongee.com will not carry out any operation on the order until payment has been received. Payment will be considered effective when the bank entity accredits it.

2.4 Dongee.com is not responsible for problems that arise due to the inability to identify the payment made by the customer (failure to indicate the domain of the order, incorrect identification by the banking entity, etc.).

2.5 Payment must be made in US dollars or pesos.

2.6 The payment for hosting services/plans is made on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or bi-annual basis depending on the service, at the client’s choice in the contracting form.

2.7 Payment will be made in advance through bank transfer, credit card, or Direct Debit, the latter being exclusively usable for the renewal of any plan contracted prior to Dongee.com. For renewals, payment should be made at least 15 days in advance to avoid inconvenience in the expiration of domains and hosting services.

2.8 Dongee.com will not issue invoices by regular mail to its clients, as this is a ‘virtual service’; it will only issue invoices for the contracted service through the Client Control Panel. The client will only have as proof of purchase/contracting, the receipt issued by their bank when making the bank transfer to Dongee.com or the statement of their credit card.

2.9 For each bank refund attributable to the client, Dongee.com will charge an additional fee of 6.00 dollars.

2.10 Dongee.com reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service provided in the event of any incident experienced in the collection of the service and/or due to lack of payment until it is resolved. If 5 days have elapsed from the payment date and the payment has not been made, the services will be disconnected and will go offline. If 7 days have elapsed and payment has not been received, the domain will be deleted with all its content, and Dongee.com will not be responsible for any possible loss of data. The client’s service will be terminated definitively due to breach of contract.

2.11 The amount of the prices stipulated on the Dongee website .com may be subject to review by Dongee.com. If Dongee.com carries out a change in the prices of the services/hosting plans, the clients will be notified of such modification before they are affected by the variation in the next invoice that is issued to them, so that if they do not If you agree to accept said change, exercise the right to terminate this contract without having to pay any additional amount to Dongee.com as long as you keep your fee paid. At the end of the advance payment period (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) the contract will be terminated and, therefore, your service will be terminated if you continue to not accept the www.price.

2.12 Payments made to Dongee.com by any of The contracted services will in no case be disbursed, unless Dongee.com cannot provide the contracted service. The voluntary withdrawal, or disconnection by Dongee.com from the service/plan due to breach of any of these conditions of use will not imply a disbursement by Dongee.com.


2.13 Monthly and quarterly payments will be made for a period of time minimum of 12 months, which begin to be counted from the moment you contract the service. Dongee hosting offers monthly or quarterly payment in order to provide payment facilities for the plans offered.

2.14 If for any reason beyond Dongee.com the client will pay an amount greater than that stipulated in the contracting or renewal of a certain service, the extra amount will not be disbursed in any case, leaving said amount in deposit for future contracting or renewals.

2.15 Dongee offers introductory discounts that are valid on the first payment of the contracted period. The client knows and accepts that the discounts offered in the store, unless otherwise indicated, are applied to the first payment and are absent from the discount on renewal.

3. Entry into force, duration and extension:

3.1 This contract will enter into force on the day of its formalization, that is, at the time the client agrees to use your service/hosting plan.

3.2 The contract will last monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annual or bi-annual depending on the billing terms chosen by the client in the contract form.

3.3 Without prejudice to the duration established in the previous clause , the contract will be tacitly extended with the payment of the following invoice, and will not be terminated as long as the client does not state by e-mail, at least 15 days in advance and with the authentication indications required by Dongee.com, the get off it.

4. Change of plans and use of resources

4.1 The customer who has contracted a service/hosting plan with Dongee .com can change to another service/hosting plan from Dongee.com, either with characteristics, resources and applications that are superior to the service/plan you already have or inferior.

4.2 If the change is made to a higher plan in features, resources and applications, a credit will be generated for the amount paid and not consumed, which will be discounted from the price that must be paid for the contracted www.service/plan.

4.3 If the change is made to a lower plan/service in features , recursos y aplicaciones will not be entitled to any refund, as it is understood that the initially contracted service has been canceled prior to its termination.

4.4 The customer shall control the flow transferred through the statistics to which you can access from the control panel. Dongee.com reserves the right to cancel any account that, having exceeded the contracted limits, the client does not agree to pay the expenses incurred.

4.5 Dongee provides added value within the scope of service. These services do not depend directly on Dongee, but on third parties and therefore said added values ​​may change their scope at any time or be canceled without prior notice. The client may accept other options provided by our support team to cover the same shortfall at the discretion of the dongee administration within 48 hours of purchasing a plan. After that time, the Dongee team decides at its discretion whether or not to cover the value-added service.

4.6 Dongee reserves the right to locate high consumption plan accounts of resources such as WordPress Premium, Ultimate, Business Plus or Companies in your private cloud to balance resources with your hardware and offer a better experience to customers since you have up to 10 times more than public clouds. The client can request through written communication in our support channels, that his account be migrated to a hosting plan in the Dongee private cloud or to a public cloud if he deems it necessary.

5. Obligations and responsibilities of Dongee

5.1 In its customer relations, Dongee.com You must act with due diligence in the use of your commercial activity, loyally and in good faith. Dongee.com undertakes to offer, with all the means at its disposal, the services optimally, striving so that the hosting of the services/plans offered by Dongee.com can be developed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the safest way possible except for incidents that occur outside the control of Dongee.com. In addition, in this sense Dongee.com reserves the right to temporarily interrupt the contracted service based on technical repairs and maintenance of the equipment, as well as for the improvement of the services themselves.

5.2 Dongee.com cannot guarantee that the availability of the hosting services/plans are continuous and uninterrupted during the term of the contract, due to the possibility of problems in the Internet, breakdowns in server equipment and other possible unforeseeable contingencies. The client accepts to bear risks and imperfections or unavailability of the servers, because the programs used are technically complex and may not have been previously tested on all the possibilities that exist for use.

5.3 By sharing hosting services/plans by the same machine with other services/hosting plans, technical problems attributable to third parties may occur, and for which Dongee.com is not responsible.

5.4 Dongee hosting may make use of “maintenance windows ” during low traffic hours and “emergency maintenance windows” at any time when errors or failures occur in your infrastructure in order to correct errors. The client expressly waives to claim any responsibility, contractual or extra-contractual, damages to Dongee.com for possible failures, slowness or errors in the access and use of the contracted service.

5.5 Hosting services/plans are hosting services shared with other services of the same nature and resources. For this reason, Dongee.com reserves the right to suspend, totally or partially, the fulfillment of the contract (not to provide the service) in the event that it notices, detects and/or verifies an excessive consumption of memory in its maintenance tasks. , CPU or any other alteration that slows down the server in which it is located, in such a way that it harms or impairs the provision of the service or the rights of the clients or third parties that share the server with it. For this purpose, Dongee.com will temporarily suspend the service. This circumstance will be notified to the client so that he can proceed to solve said alteration, and if once the service has been restarted, such circumstance is repeated in bad faith or continuously, the service will be canceled without the right to a refund of any amount, for consider an abusive use of the service/hosting plan.

5.6 Backup copies are made by Dongee.com courtesy of the contents hosted in the hosting services/plans with a scope that depends on each contracted plan and whose scope is described in Backups or backups, being courtesy and free, their availability is not guaranteed. For this reason, it is a requirement that the client take measures to generate their own backups and backups of their information or that they hire paid services whose availability is guaranteed. Dongee.com is not responsible for the loss or accidental deletion of data.
For all this, the client is obliged to make their own backups or backups.

Dongee.com has disk-level backups, for complete restoration of servers that are affected in a catastrophic event, available to support engineers but not for the end customer. These backups are retained 2-3 times per server weekly with monthly retention.

5.7 In no case Dongee.com accepts responsibilities derived from data loss, business interruption or other damages caused by the operation of the hosting services/plans for not meeting customer expectations.

5.8 Access and use of services/plans Accommodation is the sole responsibility of the client, in such a way that Dongee.com is not responsible in any way (neither direct nor subsidiary) for any direct or indirect damage that the client may cause to third parties.

5.9 Dongee.com disclaims any responsibility for the consequences that the lack of operability of the client’s e-mail address or failure to communicate the change of address may produce, as well as the misinformation alleged by the client due to his own negligence when keeping this data active. It is of vital importance that the client has his e-mail address updated and operational, he can modify his e-mail by accessing the Manager.

5.10 Dongee.com is not responsible:

– Of the content hosted in the space allocated to the client by the hosting service/plan.
– From errors produced by access providers.
– From virus contamination on your computers, whose protection is incumbent on to the client.
– From intrusions by third parties into the client’s service even if Dongee.com has established reasonable protection measures.
– From faulty configuration by the client.
– From the deterioration of the equipment (client’s terminals) or misuse (client’s responsibility).
– Of everything that is exclusively attributable to the client.

5.11 Dongee.com reports that all of its servers are up physically housed in ‘DataCenters’ in the United States (unless otherwise indicated), outside the territory of South America and therefore Colombia. Dongee.com is not responsible for the damage that this fact may cause to the client.

5.12 Dongee.com will offer technical assistance regarding the operation of the services/plans contracted by the client. There are technical incidents to which Dongee.com will not be able to provide assistance. Technical support is not offered in the following cases:

– Questions regarding configuration and usability of services offered by third parties and outside of Dongee.com (Viruses, Outlook, Thunderbird and other mail clients). Questions regarding these services should be addressed to the service provider in question.
– Questions regarding the installation of scripts or the operation of scripts installed by the client in his account. These questions should be addressed directly to the vendor or developer of the script.
– Our technical team will not offer assistance regarding code modification or script programming. scripts that were not created by Dongee.com. Even so, Dongee.com will advise on its own initiative in the programming edition in terms of initial installation, although positive results will not be guaranteed. Our support team will advise the client by recommending resources that will help in the final resolution of incidents that are outside the scope of Dongee.com.

6. Obligations and responsibilities of the client

6.1 Customer must comply with all terms and conditions of this contract in the exercise of his professional activity, he must also act loyally and in good faith.

6.2 The client must pay the agreed remuneration, as as stated in this contract.

6.3 Use of services/plans is prohibited. accommodation, contrary to good faith and, in particular, in a non-exhaustive manner:

– Use that is contrary to the law or that infringes the rights of third parties.

– The publication or transmission of any content that, in the opinion of Dongee.com, is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racist, xenophobic or defamatory.< /span>

– The hosting of adult websites (pornography) is not allowed under any circumstances. Whether the pornographic material is hosted or linked through dialers or any other modality.

– Use by children under 18 years of age is prohibited without explicit authorization sent by their parents to our support channels.

– Cracks, program serial numbers or any other content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties.

– The collection and/or use of personal data of other users without their express consent or in contravention of the provisions of the Law.

– The use of the domain’s mail server and email addresses for the purposes of so-called spamming (sending unwanted mass mail, of a commercial or of any other nature) as well as mail bombing (sending large messages in order to block a server).

– IRC Networks: It is absolutely forbidden to host an IRC server that is part of or connected to any other IRC Network or server. Servers that are connecting to or are part of these Networks will be immediately removed from our Network without prior notice.

6.4 Dongee.com provides hosting plans that allow you to use CGI scripts, PHP and other executable programs. Such scripts use much more system resources than simple html pages, so certain restrictions are placed on the use of these features. Scripts should consume an acceptable amount of system resources. Scripts that use a lot of CPU cycles and a lot of RAM space will need to be stopped or additional charges may apply. Dongee.com will do its best to warn customers using scripts if they consume too high a percentage of system resources, before suspending their service.

However, if the scripts cause problems for other clients or consume too many resources, the service may be interrupted without notice.

Without the client’s right to any refund. Remember: The use of applications that consume many resources (phpNuke, postNuke, PhpBB … ) can lead to the immediate suspension of your account without prior notice. The scripts must not interact in any way with the server configuration or the material.

The execution of scripts of this type may lead to the immediate cancellation of the client account without the client being entitled to compensation or a refund of any amount. The client is warned that the abusive use (or based on incorrect programming) of MySQL and PHP (loop scripts, persistent connection, etc.) may render the operation of the web page incompatible on a shared server, and expose the page in question to the suspension without prior notice, in order to guarantee a quality of service acceptable to all the clients of the server. The client is responsible for repairing and keeping applications such as phpnuke, PostNuke, PhpBB, Joomla…) updated due to their large number of vulnerabilities that can cause security problems and cause the immediate suspension of your account without prior notice.< /p>

6.5 Dongee.com reserves the right to delete from its servers any account that does not comply with these conditions of use, without prior notice and without the client having the right to compensation or refund of any amount.

6.6 By contracting this service, the client is commits to:

– Keep a backup copy of the files of the hosting services/plans on your own in order to replace them if necessary.

– Monitor the size of the transfer in order to take the necessary actions if you consider that its increase is excessive. For this purpose, the client has the so-called “consumption tables” in the WebStat statistics system updated daily, in which the information on the flow of each day and the accumulated in the month appears. You can also have this data under the “Report” section of the Control Panel.

– The client undertakes to keep the e-mail address provided in the contracting form for communications with Dongee.com operative, active and updated, since it constitutes Dongee.com’s preferred means of communication for agile and fluid management in the provision of the requested service as a result of the contractual relationship that unites them through this contract.

– The client agrees to change the passwords delivered by Dongee in means such as service manager, email, SMS or by telephone in order to maintain good security practices, especially in private and shared services. It is understood that the access information provided is provided for temporary use, but it is the client who must update and manage their own passwords in a key ring in their custody. Additionally, the client agrees to activate all the security mechanisms provided by the technical team to avoid hacking, such as authentication with a 2FA device in the manager.dongee.com and in the control panel, SMS notifications of changes made to the account, use of secure connections always and keep your contacts updated. The client agrees to deliver legal action to Industrialmedia SA – Dongee for any intrusion of its systems as mentioned in numeral 5.10, especially if it has not taken additional security measures described in this subsection..

If the e-mail address provided in the contract form changes, the client undertakes to notify Dongee.com of the change within a maximum period of 5 days in a manner that the communication between both contracting parties is not interrupted. Dongee.com is exonerated from all responsibility for the consequences that the lack of operation of the client’s e-mail address or not communicating the change of address may produce, as well as for the misinformation that the client alleges due to his own negligence to time to keep this data active. It is of vital importance that the client has his e-mail address updated and operational.

6.7 The customer is solely responsible for the use and Keeping the login and password of the control panel and the client extranet, since they are the necessary identifiers for access to the control panel of the contracted service/hosting plan and the client extranet and that allow Dongee.com to check the authentication of access and facilitate permission to the actions requested from these tools. The use of these identifiers and the communication, even to third parties, occurs under the sole responsibility of the client.

6.8 The customer has full responsibility for the content of his web, of the information transmitted and stored from its exploitations, of the hypertext links, of the claims of third parties and of the legal actions that can be triggered in all the reference to intellectual property, personality rights and protection of minors. The client is responsible for the laws and regulations in force and the rules that have to do with the operation of the online service, electronic commerce, copyright, maintenance of public order, as well as universal principles of Internet use.

6.9 The customer shall indemnify Dongee.com for the costs that it had to impute him in any cause whose responsibility was attributable to the client, including fees and expenses of Dongee.com’s lawyers, even in the case of a non-final judicial decision.

6.10 The client is responsible for not changing the DNS servers Dongee.com If done or requested Dongee.com considers that the client cancels the services offered. Therefore, no other type of related service can be provided, including support.

6.11 Customer is prohibited from accessing, modifying , view the configuration, structure, files of the servers of Dongee.com , manager of the service, proprietary documents of Industrialmedia SA such as invoices, proforma invoices, sent emails or service quotes. Any problem that could occur in the servers and security systems contracted by Dongee.com

6.12 Customer agrees that resale services on hosting shared, resale of virtual and dedicated servers that fail to pay the subscription service may be suspended or terminated in accordance with numeral 2.10 and the brands or services hosted within said plans that present appropriate documentation on the ownership of the brand or service may request a copy of files or temporarily reactivate the service according to Dongee hosting rates. Dongee hosting will try to communicate during 2 business days to the client’s telephone numbers and emails present in our Manager in order to request their authorization.

If no response is received, the client tacitly accepts in accordance with these terms of service to perform the operations requested by the affected services. Consequently, the client accepts that non-payment (numeral 2.10) generates an exception to the confidentiality policy (numeral 13) with respect to the owner of the affected brand or service.

6.13 The client is fully aware and unequivocally accepts that the servers that host your web page and therefore any data you wish to store in the contracted service, are physically located (unless otherwise indicated) in ‘DataCenters’ in North America and Europe, outside the national territory. Exempting Dongee.com from any responsibility in the event that this entailed detriment to the client.

6.14 Dongee.com will send incident reports to customers that request it, sending at least 2 copies, one for the administrative area and another for the Operational Area. These reports may be sent physically or via email. The client must cooperate to facilitate the delivery information of said reports, sending for it; name, position, contact address or email of the recipients. Dongee.com will not be able to send reports if the requirement set forth in this clause, which seeks the objective disclosure of the incident, is not met.

6.15 The client authorizes Dongee.com to use your brand or logo on our website where Dongee Hosting offers infrastructure (Hosting, Email or DNS), as well as the testimonials that you can issue about the service for the promotion of our website in the sections intended for this purpose in current projects, expired or discontinued.

6.16 No compromised service hosting allowed at the root level on the servers or in the contracted hosting space, all types of Malware files or malicious Scripts that compromise the security of the information hosted or of the clients, or that generate affectation to third parties.

In addition to some brands that are hosted under their private, dedicated or reseller services. The client is free to request the non-publication of the graphic material or text exposed in this clause at any time by requesting it through the support channels and Dongee Hosting will withdraw the testimony or logo in less than 96 hours. The client expressly waives to claim any liability, contractual or extra-contractual, damages to Dongee.com due to ignorance of this clause.

7. Conditions of fair and reasonable use

Dongee.com offers unlimited amounts of disk space and/or other resources, such as the number of allowed hosted domains, email or FTP accounts. dongee.com’s intention in unlimited services is to provide extensive resources for customer convenience, so that customers need not worry about upper limits.

Not allowed:
Content with rights not expressly licensed for distribution
Illegal and pirated content
File sharing, uploading, backups, mirrors and distribution sites
Sites created to route traffic to other sites
Reselling access to your account to others or reselling plans from shared hosting to third parties
Hosting files with compressed, embedded or executable formats

All downloadable files or files stored on the server must be available for download via an HTML document stored on the Internet in a public folder and must be directly related to with the general nature of the web page.

It is also known by users of the Dongee.com services that these resources are limited by the physical restrictions of the technology, as well as the reasonable limits of a share. Users should realize that server technology limits the amount of resources available for use, including but not limited to disk space, CPU processing, memory, and access speed. Dongee.com takes measures to use the latest server technology to serve its users. In addition, users of Dongee.com services acknowledge that all services provided are from a shared server, and they are sharing this space. Customer accounts are on a server with hundreds of other users. Dongee.com along with many other hosting providers use this business model in order to offer quality low cost mass hosting services at affordable prices.

No account has the right to use the server’s resources, within reason, up to what is allocated, or for what is physically available. If resources become scarce, Dongee.com reserves the right to limit the users of the affected machine to a lower limit in order to preserve the efficiency of the service for all users. If a particular user consumes resources excessively with respect to the average of the other users of the machine in use, dongee.com may request the client to delete the content, reduce the use of resources, eliminate the use of its cause or move to a dedicated service. . This policy only applies to websites that abusive the service or where it is evident that the “fair use” of resources between customers has been violated, particularly as it relates to disk space, bandwidth, CPU or excessive use of disk read i/o. In addition, websites that publish or contain NON-html files or a large number of files that are scattered and unrelated to the nature of the website are subject to warning, suspension, or termination at the sole discretion of Dongee.com.

If a violation occurs to the terms of “fair use”, Dongee.com will be the only one who can make a determination on the action to be taken, subscribers may have to delete files or reduce access to the subscriber’s account to an extent determined by Dongee.com, in order to restore full service to other users affected by the violation. If after notifying there is no proactive action on the part of the client, our support staff may intervene, suspend processes (including backup operations), plans, disable scripts or even terminate or delete an account.< /p>

The notification of intervention will be made to the technical contact of the registry via email, ticket or telephone and to the owners of the brand or hosted service for their objective knowledge of the incidents and their context. This confers an exclusion from the privacy policy of number 13.

Resource Usage
You may not :

a) Use 25% or more of the resources from the system for a period of 60 seconds. Numerous activities can cause these problems like cgi scripts, ftp, php, http etc.

b) Running files stand alone, unattended processes server side, including any daemon, such as IRC.

c) Run any type of web spider or indexer included Google Cash / Adspy.

d) Run any software that connects to any network IRC.

e) Running bit torrent applications as client or server

f) Participate in any file – sharing or peer activities to peer.

g) Run the CRON service with intervals less than 15 minutes.

h) Include files using absolute php functions eg include (“https://manager.dongee.com/include.php”). It should be include(“include.php”).

Using more than 50,000 inodes on any hosting account sharing can potentially result in a suspension. Accounts exceeding 50,000 inodes may be automatically removed. Each file (web page, image, email etc) occupies 1 inode.

8. Domain registration conditions

8.1 Payment for the order will be made in accordance with the general payment conditions established in this contract.

8.2 Dongee.com will not perform any operations for the assignment and domain name registration in your favor until payment has been received. Payment will be considered effective when the bank confirms it.
Preference will be given to two orders on the same domain name to which it is paid before , without taking into account the dates of the orders.

If Dongee.com receives two orders for the same domain name, the one paid first will be processed first.

8.3 The client ensures that the information provided in the order form relating to ownership of the domain name, as well as those of the persons designated as technical, administrative and billing contact, is true and complete. Likewise, the applicant understands and assumes that he is solely responsible for keeping said information updated.

8.4 Once a payment is assigned to the Domain Name ( registration or renewal) modifications of the Domain Name will not be accepted and the refund of the amount paid will not be accepted in any case.

8.5 Costs for registration or renewal of domain names set to Dongee.com refer to the regular domain registration In the event of requiring a domain with added value (Premium or with a resale cost), the person interested in registering or renewing the domain must assume said value after manual review with a commercial agent at the final moment of registration due to changing conditions of the auctions and /or registrar policies.

8.6 At any time, the client may request the transfer of the domain contracted to another provider or domain registration company. Not returning, in any case, the amount paid for said registration.

8.7 The client accepts the Rules and Conditions imposed by all Internet domain name regulatory organizations.

8.8 The client certifies that to the best of his knowledge, the use of the domain name does not affect the intellectual property rights of third parties.

8.9 The client accepts that the registration of a name of domain does not confer any legal rights over it.

8.10 The client accepts that he is solely responsible for the choice of this domain name and its subsequent maintenance.

8.11 The client accepts that the registration of the name is for legal purposes.

8.12 Customer agrees that Customer is responsible to all effects of any problem on the rights of use of the chosen domain name.

8.13 The client agrees to accept any possible requirement of arbitration for the registration of a domain name.

8.14 Dongee.com will not act as an arbitrator for resolutions of disputes between the applicant and third parties for the use of the domain name.

8.15 Gifted addition domains are only registered at the time purchase and up to 48 hours after purchasing the plan. Domains that are not requested to be opened within this period have a value within the normal established rates.

8.16 In the event of a conflict over attribution of a domain name, the client undertakes to follow the rules on conflict resolution established, where appropriate, by the registry responsible for the administration of the domain.

8.17 Dongee.com will communicate the expiration by e-mail of the registration of the corresponding domain sufficiently in advance. The e-mail to which the renewal notifications are made will be the one that appears in the client panel at the URL https://manager.dongee.com in the Manager, it is the client’s responsibility to keep their contact e-mail updated. Dongee.com is not responsible for problems arising from the fact that you do not receive any renewal notification for reasons beyond Dongee.com. Dongee Hosting is responsible for any problem derived while the domain is active or covered by the date of contracting. From the day after, the client is responsible for any incident or problem due to expired domains or those that are in a state of “redemption”.

8.18 Dongee.com offers free transfer of the .com domain in some of its services. net and .org. The client must provide all the technical information requested for said transfer and Dongee.com will initiate the transfer of the same. If for any reason there are technical difficulties due to the transfer of the domain, Dongee com will try it up to a maximum of three (3) times. If after this it is not possible to transfer it, Dongee.com will NOT try again and the domain will have to be renewed by the client. Dongee.com will not offer anything in exchange due to the non-possibility of domain transfer. If the domain is currently expired or about to expire (less than 1 week), Dongee.com will not initiate the transfer of the domain and it must be renewed by the client where it is currently located.

The client accepts and authorizes Dongee.com to communicate to the Registration Entity eNom, Inc -with mailing address: 2002 156th Ave. NE, Suite #300 Unigard Park, McKinley Building Bellevue, WA 98007 – USA (hereinafter “Enom”); Wildwestdomains and ICANN, the data consigned as mandatory that are necessary for the registration and maintenance of the domain name in the pertinent registry, and to be incorporated into their own Directories that each of them manages, as well as for such data to be incorporated into Dongee.com’s own Directory and made available to the public (“Whois”) through incorporation into the website http://Dongee.com.

The client consents, and where appropriate, whoever acts on his behalf as a technical, administrative and/or billing contact, that his personal data may be transferred to the aforementioned entities and those other participants in the registration process, who may collaborate with Dongee.com and/or with said entities.
The The client affirms that they have the consent of the persons designated as technical, administrative and/or billing contact for the purposes of the provisions of the previous paragraph.

To this end, we inform you that the data and information of the client and/or their representatives, where appropriate, will be transmitted to the Registration Entity Enom or OpenSRS and that will be incorporated into the publicly available directories, will address the following points:
< strong>(1) Full name, address, e-mail, telephone number, and if applicable, fax numbers of the client.
(2) Name of an authorized contact person if the client is a legal person or administrative entity , and, where appropriate, the person, the contact person responsible for administrative tasks and/or billing;
(3) IP addresses of the primary server and any secondary servers;
(4) Any additional references relating to the domain name that should appear in the Whois database.

8.20 The information and data that the client enters in the form for its incorporation in the corresponding Directories, may be limited or expanded, depending on the policies and regulations that ICANN and the Enom Registration Entity may dictate while the domain name registration remains in force. By contracting with Dongee Hosting, the client agrees with the international standards and terms of service of ICANN, Opensrs, Enom and Wild West Domains (Goddady)

8.21 The client can access their data and request, at any time, a copy of these that are in the possession of Dongee.com or the responsible Enom Registration Entities, for their review, modification or update.

8.22 Dongee.com is not responsible for the use that the Registration Entities or the access and use that third parties may make of the client’s information freely accessible through the Internet.

8.23 Dongee.com is not responsible for possible errors Caused by other entities participating in the entire domain registration and assignment process in problems with whois services, authorized registrars, software requirements, software bugs, databases, dns managers, whois data protection services, or server breach.

8.24 Customer authorizes Dongee.com to publish the necessary data at the time of domain purchase, for the disposal of the whois databases of the information provided in the registration. If the client does not require that their published and authorized information of their own free will be public, they must connect to the sales chat to request advice on the whois data protection service, a service that has an additional cost and is provided by international registrars with additional costs. The client agrees that the publication of Whois data is a requirement of ICANN and that it must provide information that is not sensitive, and that making it public does not violate Dongee.com’s personal data protection policy.

8.25 If for any reason payment is not made After domain renewal before the expiration date, it will remain in the “Expired Period” status for 20 days, during which time it is possible to renew it.
After this period, the domain can enter a resale or period of redemption, if it is possible to recover it for a higher price, the client will assume that recovery cost.
After the redemption period, the domain will be definitively free, and can be registered by any person or entity.
Dongee.com is not responsible in any way if the domain is hijacked or bought by third parties, if by doing everything in its power it is not possible to recover it from the day after the expiration of the domain. It is the customer’s full responsibility if payment is not received by Dongee.com at least five (5) business days before the domain’s expiration date.

9. Force Majeure

None of the parties will be responsible for the breach of the obligations derived from the contract and therefore there will be no right to compensation when said breach is due to causes of Force Majeure . If suspension for this circumstance is greater than 2 months, this contract may be canceled at the request of either party.

10. Termination

The contract will end when, in addition to the legally established causes and those provided in the different clauses of this contract, any of the following occurs:
a) Mutual Agreement of the parties.
b) End of the initial period of duration or successive extensions.
c) Termination for breach of any of the parties of the derived obligations of the Contract.
d) When either party is bankrupt.
e) The use of defamatory, profane or offensive language between the parties through established communication channels.

If the customer’s breach is cause for termination of the contract, Dongee.com reserves the right to terminate this contract early and, therefore, to dispossess the customer of the service/hosting plan contracted without prior notice and without the client having the right to compensation or refund of any amount.

In case of termination or rescission of the contract, for the reasons mentioned above or any of the others admitted by law, the client must comply with the obligations assumed prior to the termination of the contract against Dongee.com and against third parties.

10.1 The client is obliged to formalize the termination of the contract through the Manager of our website with 10 calendar days prior to its termination, entering the links; “Customers”, User login and password, “Services” link, “My Services”, Click on the “Details” link of your web service,”Manage Actions” and Request Cancellation drop-down list. The client must enter the reason for his cancellation. The client undertakes to pay the prorated amount of the days in which the service was active after the contract termination date if the contract is not terminated explicitly.

11. Intellectual property

Dongee.com owns all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, know-how and any other rights related to the service/plan contracted accommodation, as well as the computer programs necessary for its implementation and the information it obtains about it.

The client must respect the programs for use by third parties made available to them by Dongee.com even if they were free.

The client, by virtue of this contract, does not acquire absolutely any right or license regarding the service/hosting plan, of the computer programs necessary for the provision of the service nor about the technical information of monitoring the service, except for the rights and licenses necessary for the fulfillment of this contract and only for the duration of the same.

Any action that exceeds the fulfillment of this contract will require written authorization from Dongee.com.

12. Return policies

Dongee Hosting allows the refund of the money collected during the 30 to 90 days of the first payment of the value of the hosting or service plan, depending on what is announced in the plans of our website www.dongee.com. If the payment included registration of third-party licenses, including domains these are the property of the client at the time the payment is made and a return of these services is not possible since they are caused by the international provider in a manner immediate. Example domains in any extension, Sitelock licenses, security and antivirus licenses, web server or backup licenses.

No refund applies for Dongee Google Ads plans, commercial SSL generated and service add-ons or ADDONs.

Additionally, no refund is made if the content of the site is used for fraudulent, defamatory purposes, hosting or distributing phishing, malware, viruses when notified by an entity external to Dongee or being surprised by our security members or by Dongee Hosting’s security scheme. Also if the client does not offer real or verifiable information in the registry.

13. Privacy and confidentiality policies

By virtue of this agreement, the parties undertake to keep absolute confidentiality in relation to all the information that is disclosed to them on the occasion of this agreement. In the development of this agreement, each party agrees to:

1. Keep confidential and do not disclose oral information or writing that has been communicated to you by the parties, provided that you are warned that there is a duty of confidentiality and non-disclosure, by using the same means that you use to protect your own confidential information.

2. The Client’s databases of subscribers, groups and reports, as well as all stored web content, will be considered property assets. Your information will remain protected and in absolute reserve by the staff or managers of Dongee. No member or manager of Dongee may dispose of any record or report for their own personal or commercial use.

3. Do not use the information that is made known to you by the other party and about which there is a duty of confidentiality and non-disclosure, for a purpose other than the execution of the contract.< /p>

4. Communicate to your agents and employees the duty to confidentiality and non-disclosure of information, when in the development of the execution of the agreement, they must know such information.

5. Excluded from the confidentiality agreement is any information that It is necessary for the use of contact by the Dongee staff with the representative of the service, owners of the brand or company to make notification of suspension, limitation of resources, technical interventions or any incident related to the use of the plans offered and items of the numeral 7 of this document.

6. Do not communicate or issue any type of advertisement or report for disclosure to the general public, related to the agreement, without the prior written authorization of the other party.

14. 404, 500 web server errors

Dongee hosting podrá personalizar los errores del servidor web por defecto con el fin de brindar información relevante de nuestro departamento comercial o información técnico a los visitantes. De Igual manera si el cliente desea personalizar este error podrá hacerlo desde su panel de control.

16. Application of CDN technology in Edge Plans

1. Dongee offers Dongee Edge hosting plans that work with the help of plugins installed in the client software, specifically WordPress, and a global coverage CDN that is available for the client. These plans require the use and use of web traffic through CDN for their operation. It is not possible to contract a Dongee Edge hosting plan without this type of technology, if the Client does not accept the use of CDN, the service could be expired at the end of the monthly payment. If a time greater than one month was contracted, the contracted plan could be suspended and a refund of the remaining time remaining to be fulfilled will be applied, discounting the money for the days in which the portal or its content operated.< /p>

2. When contracting the Edge plans, the client allows and grants access to its web portal through credentials for temporary or permanent use for the installation and tuning of the software within the client or even in maintenance operations. It also gives access permission for the use of credentials to the technical team in order to make adjustments that imply security or performance improvement in later times. The staff will also be authorized by the client to review plugins installed from the command console and any information is equally protected with the confidentiality agreement in number 13 of this document.

17. Dongee Affiliate Program Agreement


This Affiliate Program Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between Dongee, a Colombian limited liability company (“Industrialmedia SA owner of the Dongee brand”), and the Partner ( “You”, “Affiliate Partner”, “Affiliate”), and is effective from the date of electronic acceptance.

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that govern your participation in the Affiliate Program (the “Program” or the “Services”). By electronically accepting this Agreement, you confirm that you have read and understand it, and that you agree to be bound by it.

This Agreement is in addition to Dongee’s universal terms of service agreement, which is incorporated herein by reference. In this document, “we”, “us”, “our” refers to Dongee, while “you”, “your”, “user” or “affiliate” refers to any individual or entity that agrees to these terms.< /p>

Finally, please note that nothing in this agreement confers any rights or benefits on any third party.

Dongee reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time, as it sees fit, and these changes will be effective immediately upon posting by Dongee on its website.

By using this Site or the Services found on it, you agree to any changes or modifications that Dongee may make by posting them on this Site.

If you do not agree to this revised Agreement, please stop using this site immediately.

In addition, Dongee may occasionally notify you of changes or updates to this Agreement via email. That’s why it’s critical that your account information – including your email address – is up to date.


To participate you must register in the Dongee form, whether you are a customer or not, and then in the manager you can use a unique referral link.

Your application will be reviewed by the team to verify information and be accepted or not in the program.

Reason for rejection includes, but is not limited to, inconsistency with our brand guidelines and inappropriate content for our audience.


By agreeing to become a Dongee Affiliate, you agree that it is your responsibility to provide accurate information about your account and to keep the information requested up to date. This information includes (but is not limited to): contact and payment details, tax information, all URLs Dongee is promoted on, traffic sources used, promotional media plans and strategies, etc.

If necessary, Dongee has the right to request further information about each website on which our company is promoted, as well as the promotional practices used on those websites.

Your affiliate account may be excluded from the program, temporarily suspended or terminated if you do not provide accurate information. In addition, any commissions earned will be forfeited.

To participate in the program and earn commissions, affiliates must act honestly and only refer customers who are also in good standing.

Eligible customers are account owners in good standing with active accounts that meet Dongee’s terms of service. “In good standing” means the customer has provided valid contact information and is not flagged as high fraud risk.

An “active account” belongs to a new user who has created it in the last 45 days and has not canceled it since. If you make referrals or take any action that may result in a loss of income for Dongee, your activities will be scrutinized.

You are not allowed to use any marketing practices that attract customers who do not have a good reputation.

Furthermore, you may not change or copy any Dongee Links banner, icon, graphic or other content without obtaining our prior written approval.

Do not use self-referral methods, click on affiliate links and/or banners, or place orders through your unique affiliate link. If the IP address used to enter the affiliate program to make the purchase is verified to match yours, it will be considered a self-referral. No exceptions will be made in this case. Also, if you use a VPN service to make a purchase through the affiliate link, this will also be considered a violation. If you violate these rules, you may lose all credit points and be removed from the program entirely.

As a Dongee affiliate, you agree not to use any SEO/spam techniques to generate referrals.

You also agree to abide by all applicable laws and to be loyal and trustworthy to Dongee so as not to damage the company’s reputation.

We do not support, aid or abet violence or discrimination against any person, organization or government entity.

If we discover that you are violating the terms of our Affiliate Program Agreement, we will immediately suspend and/or terminate your account and withhold all future commission payments.


The only way to advertise Dongee on your Affiliate Site is using promotional materials that have been approved by us.

The term “approved promotional materials” refers to any and all marketing materials located in Dongee’s promotional support document, where precise brand guidelines are established.

This may include, but is not limited to, any Dongee logos, service marks, slogans and/or trademarks that you are authorized to display on your affiliate website.

By signing this agreement, we grant you a non-exclusive license to access, download and use such approved promotional materials for the express purpose of driving traffic to websites owned or operated by Dongee.

If either party decides to terminate the Affiliate Agreement, your license to access and use Dongee’s promotional materials shall be withdrawn as soon as possible. Examples of inappropriate advertising include, but are not limited to:

Any form of illegal advertising or spam, such as sending unsolicited emails or placing unauthorized links on forums and bulletin boards, is strictly prohibited.

Without our prior approval, you are not permitted to use the Dongee websites as display URLs in paid media advertisements and to directly link or redirect to the Dongee websites. It is also prohibited to bid on keywords and phrases that contain the “Dongee” trademark, or variations or misspellings of the registered term, in pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns on search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing ).

Use copyrighted content that is not exclusive to Dongee to promote our company.

Use traffic from sources like banner exchanges, click exchanges, pay-per-view advertising, and pop-ups.

Do not offer cash back, rewards, or any other type of incentive to customers without prior approval.
Offer any type of price-saving method, such as coupons, vouchers, discount codes, or value-added offers without our prior approval;
Use our advertising and promotional materials, our brand or our name in a way that reflects negatively on us.
If you use iframes or any other method to place your affiliate tracking cookie on anything other than an actual click, this will result in the loss of commissions.

The use of cloaking or link masking techniques to promote Dongee on websites and/or networks that are not listed in your affiliate profile is prohibited. Doing so would hide the origin of the traffic.

Your website(s) must NOT contain lewd, obscene, illegal or pornographic material, or any other material deemed objectionable. We do not allow on our site: bigotry, hate speech, pornography, satanic materials, trademarked and copyrighted content, anything that could be considered adult material, etc. This is at our discretion.

You may not use Dongee’s brand, name, logo or domain without our prior written approval. This also applies to any spelling variations or misspellings that may be confusingly similar.

Do not use keywords or phrases in your domain name, company name, logo, trademark, product names, project names, or service names that are similar to or could be confused with existing trademarks, unless the You have been given express permission by the trademark owner.

You are not allowed to use any promotional method that we deem inappropriate. If you do, your affiliate account may be suspended or terminated, and all outstanding commission payments will be cancelled. Also, if you are rude, aggressive or offensive in any communication with the dedicated affiliate manager, you will be permanently banned from the Affiliate Program with no exceptions.


We track affiliate sales automatically using the use of cookies. Cookies are automatically placed in the browser of the user who clicks on the affiliate link to reach our website. Each cookie is stored for up to 30 days. If a previous affiliate’s cookie is already placed in the same user’s browser, it will be overwritten by the new cookie. If cookies are intentionally deleted by the user, Dongee is not responsible for this action.


For all Dongee, Cloud, Dedicated shared hosting plans and other plans at https://manager.dongee.com/refer-a-friend

The maximum commission for a sale under offers is $300. Any taxes, fees and other domain prices do not apply. Commissions charged do NOT include taxes. If the system accidentally assigns a referral fee with tax, we can adjust the referral fee manually if necessary.

The structure and method of commissions are fixed and can be changed at any time.

If you would like to discuss other commission plans, please speak with your account manager.

In addition, if you disagree with the Report Balance due to or due to force majeure, please send an email within 30 days to support@dongee.com explaining the reasons for your disagreement.

If you don’t send an email by the deadline, that will be counted as confirmation that you received it.

If a customer cancels or requests a refund on their purchase within 45 days, they will not receive commission for that sale. We thoroughly review all transactions for fraud, both by the client and the affiliate.

We may withhold payment on any balance for up to 180 days while we investigate possible fraud or other illegal activity.

If commissions are older than 2 years and have not been withdrawn, they will no longer be available in your affiliate account balance.


Each payment will automatically generate a credit to your account for each affiliate purchase. The commissions earned are only once for each purchase and do not apply to plan renewals.

If you do not want credit but money, we have Paypal transfers, Amazon Gift Card, Uber Trips and transfers for some countries for payment. (Some countries like Argentina are limited to Paypal for example). To request other payment options you must contact payment support at pagos@dongee.com


The Affiliate and Dongee acknowledge that they are entering into an agreement as independent contractors.

In doing so, no partnership, agency, franchise, joint venture, sales representative, or employment relationship will be created between them by this Affiliate Agreement.

Dongee Affiliates has no authority to legally bind Dongee in any way, shape or form. Any statement made on the former’s website that contradicts the above will not be tolerated.


You can request the cancellation of your affiliate account at any time contacting us through the customer manager.

Once you have requested to cancel your account, Dongee will send you a confirmation. In addition, there are certain situations where Dongee may choose to terminate an affiliate’s account:

Seven days notice without explanation.
Your affiliate account will be suspended without notice if you violate the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

After the termination of an affiliate account, the partner will no longer receive commissions for the sales we track.

In addition, if there are no new conversions within six months of cancellation, the partner’s account will be considered inactive and automatically parked.

If we terminate your account due to a violation of these terms and conditions, then you will not be owed any outstanding commission payments and you will be charged an administrative fee of $125 USD (or its equivalent in your local currency).

The Affiliate must remove all Dongee promotional material, including links, logos, brands and slogans from its website within 3 business days of termination of the Affiliate account.

This section of the contract remains intact even if the Affiliate Agreement is terminated.

If the Affiliate Agreement ceases to be valid, they are not allowed to use Dongee’s trademarks, logos or slogans in any way that could be considered negative and damage Dongee’s reputation with current or future customers.< /p>

If we terminate your affiliate account, this agreement will also terminate.


Each party agrees that, through this agreement, it will have access to classified information from the other. “Confidential Information” means all documentation and information, which may include, but is not limited to, techniques, algorithms, and processes, as well as technical, business, and marketing information that the disclosing party (the “Disclosing Party”) has designated or marked “proprietary,” “confidential,” etc., whether orally, visually, or in writing, or known to the receiving party (the “Receiving Party”) to be confidential, any information shared in connection with this agreement that is considered confidential by the Disclosing Party may only be used by the Receiving Party.

During this period of time and for the following five years, the receiving party agrees to:

-Maintaining the privacy of the Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party

-Not to reveal or make available to anyone the Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party (c)

Do not copy or use the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information for any purpose other than necessary to carry out the Receiving Party’s obligations or exercise its rights under this Affiliate Agreement.

Each party will only disclose what is absolutely necessary of the other party’s Confidential Information, and only to those employees and affiliates who have a need to know such information to carry out their obligations under this agreement.

This section does not cover Confidential Information if (a) it was publicly available before or at the time of its disclosure, or subsequently entered the public domain without any action on the part of the Receiving Party; or (b) was legally known to the Receiving Party prior to this agreement (excluding information relating to this Affiliate Agreement).


If any conflict, disagreement or claim arises from this Affiliate Agreement, it will be treated according to the legislation of the country where the Dongee company that manages your affiliate account is located.


We may update our policies or terms of this Affiliate Agreement at any time without notice. By continuing to be an affiliate, you agree to the updated agreement. The most current version of the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Agreement is always available on our website. If you are not satisfied with the changes and/or supplements to the Affiliate Agreement, please cancel your account within 10 business days from the date the changes and/or supplements were made. Only an authorized Dongee representative may modify or supplement these membership terms and conditions. No employee or contractor of Dongee is authorized to modify this agreement in any way.

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