Life is too short to update every day, Dongee includes Patchman in his shared Hosting plans

The underworld of malware and viruses works 7×24 to hack your website, for this reason we include patchman in your hosting plan.


Your most secure portal in Dongee

It is almost impossible to keep up with the updates that your WordPress, Joomla and other sites need, in the face of permanent threats in the security holes that are found on a daily basis. This is why our Patchman software reviews it daily and applies security patches for vulnerabilities found.

Benefits for your website

check Automatic patching of security holes on your site and automatic removal of malware.

check Upon detecting a security hole, it warns the customer that the software will be safely patched soon.

checkPatchman will apply a patch without any intervention from the client, taking your site to an unmatched level of security.

Available to all Dongee shared hosting customers, Personal, Junior, Business Plus, Enterprise, Edge and Resellers plans.

checkWith management options from the cPanel control panel.

According to W3Techs …

About 34% of the web runs on WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. For the average web host, this number is much higher: 57%. About 80% of these websites run an outdated version of their CMS. This leaves 46% of your websites exploitable through significant security vulnerabilities.

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