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You need to protect your company’s critical data. But cyber attacks threaten your painstakingly built information.

Our backup agent allows you to schedule automated backups for your Linux, Windows, or Mac servers. Easily restore files, even from your own cloud storage.

Secure your data and ensure the future of your company now.

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Dongee Backup

License charge per device
Dongee Backup $ AR$ R$ S/ $12 USD / Month
/ Mes*/ Month por sala
Equivalente a / Año con Descuento*con Dcto*
  • checkS3 HA Cloud Storage High durability and storage quality in North America. check
  • check Linux - Windows and Mac OS Protects desktops and servers. check
  • check Protect Files and Folders By default it protects files and folders from everything or whatever you require. check
  • check Management and reports via web Automatic reports of success or failure to your email. check
  • check Notifications via email You can choose one or several accounts. check
  • check Network resources and NAS For local copies on your network. check
  • check Hyper-V: Unlimited Virtual Machines Protects all your virtual machines at no additional cost. check
  • check SQL - Mysql and MariaDB Create copies with the delta in the time you require. check
  • check MongoDB Protect your MongoDB without limitations. check
  • check Program Output If an event happens you can schedule your backups. check
  • check Windows System Backup Protect entire system volumes like vid and vhdx filescheck
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Plan de Hosting 1 Plan de Hosting 2 Plan de Hosting 3 Plan de Hosting 4

Backups Office 365

License fee per account
Backups Office 365 $ AR$ R$ S/ $2.9 USD / Month
/ Mes*/ Month por sala
Equivalente a € 201,6 EUR / Año con Descuento*con Dcto*
  • checkOutlook The popular Microsoft service always protected check
  • check Contacts and calendar Your contacts and event calendars will always be backed up check
  • check OneDrive Protects your files and folders. check
  • check Sharepoint Business collaboration tools at your fingertipscheck
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Add your own storage vaults

As a novelty, you can now add your own storage for greater cost control and compliance with regulatory information control policies.

Do you have questions?

You have a team at your disposal to chat right now.

Install the agent and make copies in minutes

Compatible with Linux, Windows and MacOS (desktop and servers) our agent handles deduplication, encryption and incremental copies. Make a copy and you'll never have to upload a full copy again!

Less spend, better ROI and TCO

Enjoy the perfect balance of data value, recovery speeds, and protection costs with a variety of supported storage options. With automated backup, efficient infrastructure, and better use of resources, fast ROI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) are already possible.

With “chunking” technology included.

The fragmentation technology we offer provides significant benefits to your backup operations.

With its powerful capacity, it can fragment data into smaller blocks, making the backup process easier and improving the efficiency of your system. Additionally, this technology allows you to perform incremental backups, which means that only changes made since the last backup are backed up, reducing the time and space required to complete the process.

Backup with client-side deduplication

Our client-side deduplication technology provides a fast and efficient backup solution that optimizes the use of bandwidth and storage space.

Restore any version of your backup

With our forever incremental backup solution, you can instantly restore any version of your backup, whether it’s the oldest or the latest, without the need for diffs.

Backups without full reloads

Eliminates the need to reload the entire archive after the first backup, saving time and resources at each iteration.

Your data compressed and encrypted at all times

Your data is secure at all times as it is compressed and encrypted during backup, transit and rest.

Protect your Office 365 data

Protect your business and Office 365 data with backup for Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online.

restauracion granular
Faster granular restore

Reduce costly recovery times by recovering only what you need. Easily search for specific emails and files etc.

control de inicidencias
You have incident control

Take care of user mistakes, intentional and unintentional deletion of important files, and ransomware attacks.

cumplimiento de normativas
Regulatory Compliance

You can stay compliant with retention policies and prevent data loss due to account unsubscriptions.

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