Earn by referring friends and clients with Dongee

You earn 15% for new plan referrals and 20% if the referred plan is at another provider

Amazon Echo dot smart talking winner - Juan Pablo Rocca, October 2019

Ideal for recommending Dongee to friends and family

Includes night migration in Cpanel or assisted if you do not have this administration service. We help you every step of the way.

Wordpress and Joomla

Register a commission

If the customer you referred has already purchased on Dongee alone or with your management, we will receive the information and create credit for your account on Dongee. The name of the product or service that was purchased is essential.

Register an opportunity

If the referred customer has not yet purchased on Dongee. With the information you provide us, our sales staff will contact you, follow up and close the sale. You will receive a 10% commission at the end of the process as a credit to your account with Dongee.


  • You can register the opportunity or register your commission (if your referral has already made the purchase).
  • If your referral has already paid their bill, you have up to 30 days to register your commission.
  • Commissions can be redeemed for balance or bonuses from Amazon, you decide.
  • The commissions do not have an expiry date.


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