Sell up to 6 times more for the same budget.

Marketing services in Google Ads and daily optimization of Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Sell up to 6 times more for the same budget.

Marketing services in Google Ads and daily optimization of Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Advertising driven by our experience

For each campaign, our software creates dozens of possible combinations and our staff in conjunction with optimization algorithms, will leave the ads that work best (i.e. that generate more effective contacts, clicks or sales). As campaigns develop, the ads that had the least impact are paused, causing you to receive more clicks, subscriptions or conversions in the end with the same or lower budget.

Features  Start Premium Platinum
Monthly investment price $200.000 $1’000.000 $2’500.000
For budget ranges on Google Ads Up to $2'000.000 From $2'000.000 to $10'000.000 From $10'000.000 to $25'000.000
Campaigns to be created and optimized included 2 5 10
Manual application of optimization algorithms Every 3 days Every 2 days Diary
Optimization with I.A. Algorithms
CTR optimization and improvement
Campaign optimization by ad groups
Installation of conversion tracking (Pixel)
Theme-based announcement groups Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 20
Product Landing Pages  Optional Up to 2 products Up to 5 products
A/B tests for Landing Page  Optional Optional
Integration with CRM opportunities from Landing Page Optional
Positive and negative keyword classification
Remarketing Campaign Optional
Optimization of offers by location
Budget optimization (Increase and reduction of offers)
Supply optimization by gender
Optimization of supply by age
Permanent A/B banner testing
Permanent replacement of A/B test losers
Auction position increase
Reports Fortnightly Weekly Weekly

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Frequency of optimization

The frequency of optimization at the hands of an expert will help you to dramatically increase the CTR, the number of conversions and improve your positioning against your competition due to the data analysis and improvements we make progressively in order to optimize your ads.

A/B tests for Landing Page

As the campaigns develop we perform A/B tests with different types of ads where an expert will analyze the user experience and make improvements to evaluate the ad that has the most acceptance and traffic among your customers.

Wordpress and Joomla

Keyword classification

In order to make your advertising work 100%, we take care of making an accurate selection and classification of keywords and put aside those that are not functional and optimize those that cause greater impact and relevance to the idea you want to convey to your customers.

Budget optimization

Keyword management is fundamental to the effectiveness of your ads. One of our experts will be in charge of managing your campaign to reach a target audience.
Your budget will be optimized in results.

Wordpress and Joomla

Optimization of offers by location

We know that you want to show your advertising to a specific audience, for this reason we take care of optimizing your campaigns depending on the geographical location of the customers you want to reach.


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