Dongee Preventive Reaction Team

A team that anticipates an unavailability of your server.

A key advantage to anticipate failures or overloads of your Cloud, Shared or Dedicated Server service

Preventive Dongee Reaction

What benefits do I get as a customer?

  • Saving on an sysadmin or specialized support.
  • Increase in uptime as we are notified before a service ceases to function.
  • Reduction of incidents related to overloads or storage.
  • Increased availability in the internal software.
  • Increase in your customers' perception of value.
  • Improved performance, speed and proper use of resources.

How does it work?

This service has a sophisticated monitoring system that will give notice via Slack to our staff of immediate reaction. The engineer in charge will correct and notify the customer for their peace of mind.

Does it have an additional value or additional charges?

There is no additional charge and it is included in the offer. It doesn't matter if you're an old client or a new one.

How long does it take Dongee's team to take corrections?

After reception it may take 30 seconds for the alert to arrive and you will be addressed immediately. At the end, an SMS or email will be sent informing the customer of the intervention.

What exactly do you monitor?

  • CPU utilization threshold.
  • High load on disk usage (IOWait)
  • Space used beyond the 90% threshold in any partition
  • Memory usage threshold.
  • Number of accumulated processes.
  • UptimeRobot response to a public url for database and web server.

What is the difference with the current model?

Usually monitoring beyond the ping is customer-side or low payment operations with a high cost. Whoever has a private or dedicated server must have an sysadmin for this type of monitoring or else realize a failure or overload and request support from Dongee. Now the Dongee team will do it immediately.

What is not included in this service?

Content issues, e.g. bug fixes, web design, application plugin incidents, are not included.

How can I activate it?

If you are already a Dongee client in shared services such as Resellers, Personal, Junior and Business Plus Plans you are already included. For VPS, Cloud or Dedicated ask in our support chat or via mail to [email protected]


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