Fast Webmail designed for your business

Increase your company's productivity with great reliability, availability and security in sending emails to your customers.

Fast Webmail designed for your business

Increase your company's productivity with great reliability, availability and security in sending emails to your customers.

Dongee SmarterMail

The advanced email service for your company.

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Dongee SmarterMail

Increase your company's productivity
$ AR$ R$ S/ 881,16
Mensual / Month
Equivalent to $10.574 / Year
  • checkSpace per account 30GB check
  • check Corporate Chat check
  • check Access via Webmail/Desktop/Mobile check
  • check Multiple Signatures check
  • check Quick Access check
  • check Private PI check
  • check Designed for Businesscheck

Why is it your best option?

It is an advanced email service that increases your company's productivity with great availability, reliability and security.

You will have services such as: integrated messaging services, sharing and sending files with customers and suppliers, multiple signatures, calendars and shared notes that will take you beyond a reliable mail service.

Everything about infrastructure in High Availability Windows Servers to provide you with the best service.

Any questions?

You have a team at your disposal for a chat right now.

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check Migration of your current accounts

check Space per account 30 GB

check Priority assistance and ongoing advice

check Professional Webmail from your PC

check Configuration from your phone

check POP3, Imap, Ldap protocols

check Full Outlook and Thunderbird synchronization

check Administrative Panel (Systems Management)

check File Storage (sharing large files)

check Internal corporate chat

check Anti Spam and Antivirus Filters

check Shared calendars

check Shared tasks

check Shared Notes

check Advanced reports

check XMPP protocol

check White list

check Spell check

check Auto save

check Creation and selection of signature for each mail

check You can send multiple signatures

Fast Webmail designed for your business

Dongee SmarterMail is designed for those companies whose core business depends on email. For this reason we provide advanced functionality to reduce opportunity costs, making a fast system with features that ensure you can deliver a mail and receive information.

advanced reports

Advanced consumption reports

The account administrator will have at his disposal a great set of tools that will allow him to know the disk consumption, sent messages, report generation for Management, spam reports and many others in different time periods.

advanced reports

File Manager

You have the option to upload files as quotes and proposals which you can link regardless of their storage space. For example you can upload a 100 Megas PowerPoint presentation and link the file for your client to download. You can also use files shared by other members of your company.

Smartermail users

Advanced settings

You can have a backup account, if you accidentally delete an email or download all your mail from Outlook, you lose your computer and have no option to retrieve your incoming emails.

Email Address

Service settings for each account

You can control, allow, or deny access to link to other Mail servers such as Outlook, or allow only access via Webmail. Imap, pop access services are access services that include popular mail clients or mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad and Android.

Wordpress and Joomla
file storage

File storage

It allows you to send emails with "attached" files of any size you want. You have no limits and the virus filters of the receiving mail do not work. A big plus you need for your business.

file storage

Appointment/Calendar Management

Schedule your appointments/calendar or appointments scheduled by your colleagues easily and simply. Synchronize with Outlook from your laptop.


Post office tracking

You can request the forwarding of mail that arrives in a particular mailbox to another email account. Many companies need to follow up on specific issues.

mail tracking

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